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Get Into Comics

Formats & Definitions Formats & Definitions

Learn about the formats and definitions for comics and read our glossary of comic terms!

Genres & Categories Genres & Categories

Comics have been written in a variety of styles and genres, to suit every taste. Here are just some of the many genres to be found in today's comics!

Comics for Young Readers Comics for Young Readers

Comics have always held a lot of appeal for kids, with action-packed visuals and engrossing storylines.

History History

Take a look at a brief history of comic books throughout the years!

Comics as Literature Comics as Literature

In 1992, the comic book world found itself in unprecedented territory when Art Spiegelman won the Pulitzer Prize for his stunning Holocaust survival story, Maus. Since that watershed event, the mainstream acceptance of comics and graphic novels has only grown.

Collecting Comics Collecting Comics

Comics aficionados have been maintaining and preserving comic book collections for almost as long as the medium has existed. Interest may stem from nostalgia, an appreciation of the artwork, consideration of comics as a financial investment, or even just the thrill of the chase.

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