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(W) Michael Calero, Thomas Parson (A) Kit Wallis (CA) Chrissie Zullo
Fan-favorite cover artist Chrissie Zullo (Marvel, DC), brings her signature style to the world of Quested.

In a tale that would make Tolkien cringe, Jinx and the gang are invited to join some of the world's most infamous adventurers on a quest to destroy a legendary cursed object - a 20-sided die that gives good or bad luck to whoever rolls it. What should be a simple journey for this who's who of A-List Questers quickly goes off the rails when Jinx's greed gets the best of him and he lands on the bad side of the greatest adventurer of them all, Man-Darr The Bravest.

Oh also...the gang adopts its newest member, Speye, a seemingly innocuous furry mascot with a penchant for eating treasure. What could go wrong?
SRP: $3.99
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