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Get Graphic: Gaia Cardinalli Takes You To Camelot

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

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For this week's Get Graphic, we introduce readers to King Arthur & The Knight of Justice from Mad Cave Studios/Maverick, a new take on the classic 90s animated hit series.    

In the following interview, artist Gaia Cardinalli (In The Shadow of the Throne) takes you to Camelot. Keep reading...   

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Firstly, what is your name and where do you hail from?

My name Is Gaia and I hail from Italy!!

How did you get into art? What sparked your initial interest?

Since I was a child I have always wanted to draw and narrate stories of epic tales, inspired by my older sister and by cartoons on the TV. I have then decided to keep studying art, and comics seemed like the most natural choice for me to better express myself. And after years, here I am!

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What can you tell us about King Arthur & The Knights of Justice? What is it about?

King Arthur & The Knights of Justice was a fantasy cartoon that was very popular in the US, it even got to Italy! Unfortunately, I was too young when it was airing and I never watched it as a kid (but I watched it now as an adult, I swear!). The show is about the adventures of Arthur and his friends, a group of football players that end up teleported into the world of Morgana and Merlin! Through team play and their strong bond of friendship, they have to protect Camelot from the villains!

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Can you get into your character design process a bit? How do you know when the character has the right look?

For this specific comic, I watched all the cartoon episodes in a week so that I could be completely part of their world, and then I simply drew. I tried my best to tailor my art style to the show's, and I hope I did such iconic characters justice!

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Tell us about your collaborators on the book. Who else is on the team? 

It has been a very pleasant experience to work with this great team, which was always cheerful and full of energy! Joseph’s writing was perfect for telling Arthur’s adventures, adding interesting points of view that breathed new life into these characters! Chas’s lettering was the cherry on top. It is always exciting to see a completed GN and having the right lettering is like pairing a good wine to a delicate dish! Last but not least, Lauren, the editor of this project, has made everything flow smoothly with her kindness and punctuality, we really would not have made it without her!

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What tools do you use to draw?

I use Clip Studio for layouts and line art, and Photoshop for the colors! I also need to thank chamomile, lavender oil, and my dogs for the psychological support part.

In terms of audience, who is King Arthur & The Knights of Justice for?

This GN is targeted towards all the old fans of the series and those who like an epic, high-fantasy story full of brawls and big colorful armors!

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King Arthur & The Knights of Justice is dropping April 24, 2023 from Mad Cave Studios/Maverick. Reserve your copy with PREVIEWSworld Pullbox

You can find more of Gaia Cardinalli's work on Behance and Instagram

And be sure to keep an eye on's TwitterFacebookYouTube, or Instagram for more from AWA!

(W) Joe Corallo (A/CA) Gaia Cardinalli
A new take on the classic 90s animated hit-King Arthur & The Knights of Justice! High school quarterback Arthur King and his team have just won the big game... but a portal to another realm transports them to Camelot, where the real King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have been imprisoned by Merlin's evil protege, Morgana. Arthur and his teammates must take up the mantle of the Knights of the Round Table to overthrow Morgana and rescue the true King. Will these modern football players be able to become true Knights of the Round Table and save Camelot from ruin?
In Shops: Apr 24, 2024
SRP: $14.99
PREVIEWS Page #346


Troy-Jeffrey Allen is the Consumer Marketing Manager for Diamond Comics Distributors, Editor of, and the producer/co-host of PREVIEWSworld Weekly. His published work includes MF DOOM: All Caps, Public Enemy's Apocalypse '91BamnFight of the Century, the Harvey Award-nominated District Comics, and the Ringo Awards-nominated Magic Bullet.
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