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#FindYourStory in the Sewer System

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You might not know this, but the best way to travel is by sewer! It's quick, it's not crowded, and if you happen to be an alligator, there's plenty of water! Yup, plenty of water and... a bit of a problem. Unfortunately for Mango, his usual reptilian crime-fighting partner is in a coma and therefore not able to travel the sewers with him. Ever the problem-solvers, the technicians at S.U.I.T. have designed the ultimate replacement: RoboBrash! This high-tech replica has been programmed with all of the original Brash's crime-fighting skills and knowhow-but it seems he's got a few bugs in his system! Will Mango and his new partner be enough to stop the giant ants that are on a rampage in the city? Orchestrated by the spaced-out villain, Maestronaut, and Houdino, the dinosaur escape artist?? It seems criminals are certainly upping the ANT-e!

Vist the world of InvestiGators from First Second Books on #FCBD21! You can travel by sewer, fight off those punny villains, and try to shake out the ants in your pants! 

Head to your local comic shop on Saturday, August 14 for FCBD and #FindYourStory in the sewers! Until then, enjoy this exclusively designed poster!

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