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#FindYourStory on Mysterious Alien Planets

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There are a great many worlds out there to explore, but the one our heroes happen upon in Mad Cave Studios' Bountiful Garden is a mystery to even them. The JEMISON, crewed by teenage geniuses frozen in cryosleep, is on a mission to terraform other worlds and provide hope for the human race. But when the ship is mysteriously stopped over a planet that isn't on any of their maps, the crew finds themselves suddenly awoken ten years early. Now they have to uncover what this planet is, who inhabits it, and if it's even safe to be there! 

On FCBD 2021, visit an alien planet that could save humanity or send it speeding towards its demise! Only our teenage geniuses can save us now... fingers crossed! 

Head to your local comic shop on Saturday, August 14 for FCBD and #FindYourStory in Bountiful Garden! Until then, enjoy this exclusively designed poster! 

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