Free Comic Book Day Library Partner Program


Free Comic Book Day, FCBD, Library Program

Thank you for reaching out regarding your interest in becoming a Free Comic Book Day 2020 Library Partner. 


Due to the number of requests from libraries, and with the limited number of comics available, we urge you to work with a local comic shop near you if possible. Free Comic Book Day, FCBD, Library Program To find a shop, you can use the Comic Shop Locator service and look for a store that carries our “School/Library Partner” icon as a good store to contact. 

If there’s not a shop within a reasonable distance to your library or you can’t find a shop to partner with, you can complete the following survey to request FCBD titles and to ensure we have your correct shipping information.

Shortly after you submit the enrollment form, we will contact you regarding acceptance into the program, as well as the quantity of comic books you will receive. If your information is not inputted on the form by then, we cannot provide comics or promotional materials to you.

The enrollment period for Free Comic Book Day 2020 has officially ended. You can still partner with a local comic shop in your area to receive comic books to give out to your patrons. The enrollment form for Free Comic Book Day 2021 will be available in December 2020. 

The below guidelines may answer most questions about what the program includes. However, if you have any questions not covered here or would like more information on the programplease email



2020 Program Guidelines

As a partner in this program, there are some guidelines we expect all participants to fulfill:

  • Continental US Only: Please note that we can only supply comics and promotional materials to locations in the continental U.S.
  • Shipping Info: Please note the comics will arrive separately from your promotional package. After filling out the survey we will send you an email with updates regarding when to expect your promotional package and the FCBD 2019 comics.

You Will:

  • Receive 50 books per location to distribute on FCBD. You may request additional books, and we will do our best to provide additional copies for larger library locations. However, we can only guarantee 50 books. If you are requesting for multiple locations with different shipping addresses, please fill out the survey for EACH location.
  • Cross promote the comic book stores in your area. If you do have comic book shops that are within 50 miles of your location, we will provide you with 2 full-color flyers listing shops within your area. Please display these flyers in your library during your event.
  • Receive a FCBD Promotional Package containing the following:
  • FCBD Promotional Poster (Qty: 2)
  • FCBD Postcards (Oty: 50)
  • FCBD Bookmarks (Qty: 50)
  • FCBD Circle Buttons (Qty: 5-7 for staff)
  • FCBD Temp Tattoos Sheet (Qty: 50 Sheets)
  • FCBD Lanyard
  • FCBD “I got a free comic book” Stickers (Qty: 100 – 1 roll)
  • Sign up for the Diamond BookShelf e-Newsletter. Our Diamond BookShelf e-Newsletter is geared to libraries and schools with great information on expanding your collections, holding events, and more! You can sign up with the following link:

Thank you for you for partnering with Free Comic Book Day and spreading the joy of comics and comic book shops!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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