FCBD Comic Spotlight: Titan Comics' Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #4

On Free Comic Book Day 2017, Titan Comics brought the four modern Doctors together in an astounding new story by Alex Paknadel and Mariano Laclaustra. Now, see the stunning conclusion to the super-powered Grant's storyline, started in the 2016 Christmas special, in DOCTOR WHO: GHOST STORIES #4 by George Mann and Ivan Rodriguez.

In 2016, The Return of Doctor Mysterio aired on BBC, featuring Grant Gordon--a man who swallowed a wish-granting gemstone as a child while crossing paths with the Twelfth Doctor. He and the Doctor team up to stop an alien invasion of Earth. His story continued in Titan's original story.

This week, on Wednesday, July 5, Grant's story continues! Stop by your local comic shop and make sure to grab a copy before they run out!


(W) George Mann
(A) Ivan Rodriguez
(CA) Simon Myers

Final issue of the hit story featuring the Doctor, Lucy, and the super-powered Grant from the 2016 Christmas special! What part of Grant's secret past has returned to threaten the universe?

You can find this and more at your local comic shop! If you're not sure where that is, you can use the Comic Shop Locator Service. Make sure you return to local comic shops on for events hosted throughout the year. You can find out more about these events by checking out the What's @ Comic Shops 2017 Event Card.


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