FCBD Comic Spotlight: Dark Horse's Briggs Land: Lone Wolves #1

On Free Comic Book Day 2017, Dark Horse exposed fans to Brian Wood's BRIGGS LAND series, starrring Grace Briggs and her family dealing with an armed militia and opioid ring in a secessionist community.

"Briggs Land is a crime drama set on an American secessionist compound," said writer Brian Wood in an inteview with PREVIEWSworld. "The Briggs family owns and runs this big chunk of private land, and they consider themselves outside the jurisdiction of the United States. This was originally a purist endeavor, a real “back to the land” movement, but in the age of religious extremism, ultranationalism, and domestic terror, the Land’s become host to some bad elements. Grace Briggs, the matriarch, is on a mission to purge the Land — and her family — of this toxic influence. At the same time, federal law enforcement is opening up an investigation into the Land since Grace’s husband, currently behind bars, is expressing an interest in selling out the family in exchange for his own freedom."

The next chapter of Wood's series BRIGGS LAND: LONE WOLVES #1 debuts from Dark Horse Comics this week, on Wednesday, June 14 in local comic shops. The new series follows Isaac Briggs as he encounters two random backpackers that wander onto Briggs Land, a nearly one hundred square miles of rural wilderness and the largest antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States.

See the exclusive preview of BRIGGS LAND: LONE WOLVES #1 at PREVIEWSworld.

Stop by your local comic shop and make sure to grab a copy before they run out!


(W) Brian Wood
(A) Mack Chater
(CA) Matthew Woodson

Isaac Briggs, fresh off a tour in Afghanistan and struggling to reintegrate, finds solace hiking the old forest trails.  When two random backpackers wander onto the Land, an innocent situation quickly turns dangerous and Isaac's military training takes a turn down a dark path.

Welcome to Briggs Land, nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness, representing the largest antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States.

Brian Wood's critically acclaimed series returns for the next chapter in an even more relevant postelection America. In development for a television series at AMC TV!

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