Tips on How to Use PREVIEWS to Order from Your Local Comic Shop

You picked up free comics during Free Comic Book Day, read them, liked them, but now what?

Check out our tips on what's the next step in discovering new comics, keeping up with ongoing series and knowing when new comics are coming to comic shops.

1. Check out the monthly PREVIEWS catalog: Inside PREVIEWS, you will see what comics, graphic novels, toys, collectibles, apparel, games, and other comic and pop-culture items are coming to comic shops usually two months in advance. By seeing what's coming, you can plan ahead as to what new comic series you want to start reading or new items you must have! Ask your local shop for a copy of the catalog today!

2. Use PREVIEWS to pre-order items: Once you see a comic or item you want from PREVIEWS World, you can pre-order it to ensure you get it before it hits shelves. You can give your comic shop a list of all the items you want and have them order the items, or you can use the PREVIEWS short order form inside, the longer PREVIEWS Customer Order Form booklet, or some retailers have an online system so you can pre-order what you want online. By pre-ordering your comics through the retailers, before the comics go on sale, your titles will be reserved first and put aside for you to pick up at your convenience.

3. Take advantage of your shop's Pull and Hold Service: Most comic shops offer a pull and hold or subscription service, where if you pre-order an item and then the comic shop will hold it until you can pick it up. For example, if you liked a Batman or Spider-Man comic and wanted to get every new comic in the series when it comes out, the comic shop will order it for you, and put it in your "Pull Box" to ensure that you will get your own copy.

4. New comc book day is every Wednesday: Your local comic shop receives its new shipment of comics, graphic novels, toys, collectibles, apparel, games and more every week. If you order from PREVIEWS, your item will arrive with the rest of the comic shop's shipment and you can then go and pick up what's in your Pull and Hold Box.

5. Check out PREVIEWSWORLD.COM: Get a first look at the new items available in comic shops for the present Wednesday, featured items of the week, future releases, exclusives, and more at You can also view top picks from each section of the PREVIEWS catalog and see staff picks, new series, best sellers and more that are available to pre-order. For additional information on how to utalize PREVIEWS, check out the Users Guide.

8. Receive updates from PREVIEWS World: Sign up for the PREVIEWS World newsletter that notifies you of new items that are going to be available in comic shops on new comic Wednesday. Sign up for the newsletter here. 

9. Check out the FCBD Previews World Spectacular: Learn more about what PREVIEWS World has to offer and the best way to use it in the PREVIEWS World Spectacular guide.

10. Talk to your local comic shop owners and staff to see what comics they recommend: They love comics and like sharing their passion for them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but instead show an interest. If you like the Super Hero and pop-culture movies and TV Shows, ask the staff what comics the movies or shows are based off of, or if you want to find out what's going to happen in the next movie, which comic will tell you the story.

For more information about what's in comic shops, go to, and check out top toys and collectibles at

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