The Comics That Inspired Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract released last week for fans, adapting one of the most influential Teen Titans storylines by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

Pitting the infamous Deathstroke against the Teen Titans, The Judas Contract has always been one of the most explosive storylines in Teen Titans history, making it a perfect storyline for DC and Warner Bros. to adapt to animation. As this film follows the DC Animated Movie Universe with films such as Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin, and Justice League vs. Teen Titans, the film makes several changes to create a new version of The Judas Contract to fit the current state of affairs. Changes like Cyborg and Donna Troy being absent, a smaller role for Jericho, and having Brother Blood instead of H.I.V.E. as the contractor hiring Deathstroke all help fit The Judas Contract in this continuity.

If you saw the film, now's the perfect time to get into the Teen Titans comics and see the stories that inspired the film at your local comic shop.


(W) Marv Wolfman
(A/CA) George Perez

They were Earth's teenage defenders - unbeatable and unstoppable. Riding high, they took an eighth member - a young girl - into their ranks. She was their downfall.

In the '80s, THE NEW TEEN TITANS was DC's most popular title and a huge sales success. The series reached a high point with the multi-part storyline now reprinted in this new edition featuring the epic that played on comics readers' expectations and offered shocking revelations and surprising twists at every turn. Included are THE NEW TEEN TITANS (Volume One) #39 and 40, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #41-44 and ANNUAL #3.

THE JUDAS CONTRACT is by the fan-favorite team of writer Marv Wolfman (CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS) & penciller and cover artist George Pérez (Avengers, WONDER WOMAN), with inkers Dick Giordano, Mike DeCarlo and Romeo Tanghal. From the retirement of Robin and Kid Flash, to the birth of Nightwing and the introduction of Jericho, to the ultimate betrayal of a Titan - "The Judas Contract" kept readers positively riveted during its initial run and still has fans talking today.


(W) Amy Wolfram
(A/CA) Karl Kerschl, Serge LaPointe

The origin of Teen Titans is reimagined in this collection of the six- issue miniseries! See how these teammates overcame the sheer awkwardness of being teenagers in this tale that guest-stars the Justice League of America!


(W) Bob Haney & Various
(A) Nick Cardy & Various
(CA) Darwyn Cooke

In these fast-paced tales from the start of the 1960s, the sidekicks to DC's greatest heroes-Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl-form their own team to take on evil! Collected for the first time in a single hardcover, these stories pit our teen team against the Demon Dragster, the Mad Mod, Captain Rumble and many other far-out foes. Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54, 60, 83; SHOWCASE #59 & #75, TEEN TITANS #1-24, HAWK & DOVE #1-6.

Be sure to find all of these at your local comic shop! If you're not sure where your local comic shop is, use the Comic Shop Locator Service.

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